Pipelines delivering for gas customers

new-transparency-measures-to-drive-improved-gas-market-outcomesNew information confirms that gas plays a very significant role in Australia’s energy mix and that it is set to continue to be a source of lower-emissions power into the future, APGA Chief Executive Steve Davies said today.

Speaking ahead of the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2018 conference to be held in Sydney this week, Mr Davies said the number of gas contracts being inked since new rules came into effect in August demonstrated the sector’s viability.

“Information we’ve received from our members suggests that Australian industry is able to negotiate satisfactory contracts for the transmission of the gas they need without bringing to bear any of the binding arbitration measures they now have available,” Mr Davies said.

“We are aware that more than 25 contracts have been negotiated with transmission pipeline operators since 1 August.

“The only conclusion we can draw is that customers are satisfied that they are getting a fair deal on gas transmission prices.”

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Last updated on 27 Feb 2018 by kpolglaze