Queensland model could provide much-needed certainty

shaun-reardon-2016-350pxAPGA President Shaun Reardon has urged State and Territory government to adopt Queensland’s Gas Fields Commission model to enable gas exploration and production to take place within an appropriately regulated framework.

Speaking at the 2017 APGA Annual Convention and Exhibition, Dr Reardon said the pipeline and gas industries continued to be plagued by uncertainty due to the lack of a comprehensive national energy policy and consistent approach to exploration and production across the States and Territories.

“Uncertainty continues to underpin our industry; its impact is, however, not limited to our industry alone,” Dr Reardon told convention delegates at the Cairns Convention Centre.

“You need only to open a newspaper, or turn on the TV news to get a sense of the uncertainty that belies the energy industry more generally. This uncertainty is impacting on consumers, policy-makers, and all members of our community.

“It is also impacting on Australian businesses and industries that rely on competitively priced gas and electricity.”

Read more in the Queensland model could provide much-needed certainty media release.

Last updated on 16 Oct 2017 by kpolglaze