Nation’s energy needs must be considered holistically

finkel-report-deserves-deep-considerationAPGA today called on energy policy-makers and stakeholders to break-down the silos when considering our energy needs.

APGA Chief Executive Officer Steve Davies said Australia’s future energy requirements could not be met by one form of energy alone, no matter how it was generated.

“In the future, as it is now, we will require a mix of energy to meet all our needs,” Mr Davies said.

“We need to start thinking about energy as a single cohesive issue.”

Energy policy-makers and industry stakeholders are attending a conference in Sydney this week, and Mr Davies is urging attendees to stop thinking about gas and electricity separately.

“Australia has future energy needs, not gas needs or electricity needs. Different energy sources have different strengths and we need all of those,” he said.

Read more in the Nation’s energy needs must be considered holistically media release.

Last updated on 9 Oct 2017 by kpolglaze