Time to focus on the tough issues in energy policy

increasing-gas-supply-is-the-only-real-solutionThe Australian Pipelines and Gas Association today called for the end to ad hoc decision-making in the energy sector following the introduction of new regulatory measures without appropriate consultation and scrutiny.

APGA Chief Executive Peter Greenwood said the new measures, which came into effect on 1 August but which were not even made available until the afternoon of that day, would do little to increase energy security or affordability which were the main problems in the sector.

“As is often the case when action is valued over evidence, this new regulation imposes an unfair burden on pipeline operators and overturns regulatory principles which apply to other infrastructure,” Mr Greenwood said.

“Policy-makers simply must grapple with the real and difficult issues that plague the energy sector in Australia, and stop tinkering with small parts of the industry without sufficient consideration of the longer-term consequences.”

Read more in the Time to focus on the tough issues in energy policy media release.

Last updated on 3 Aug 2017 by kpolglaze