Pipelines an easy target amid policy vacuum

gas transmission pipelineThe Australian Pipelines and Gas Association is dismayed that Energy Ministers have brought forward reforms to pipeline operations and foreshadowed even more regulation in what is a small part of the energy sector without sufficient consideration of the consequences.

Without the coherent national energy policy Australia so desperately needs, the gas transmission pipeline sector remains vulnerable to the ad hoc decision-making that continues to undermine the certainty needed for investment, APGA Chief Executive Peter Greenwood said.

“Federal, State and Territory energy ministers meeting in Brisbane today have agreed to implement information disclosure and commercial arbitration reforms on 1 August, a month ahead of what was already a very short development phase,” Mr Greenwood said.

“Consultation on the reforms doesn’t close until 20 July which leaves hardly any time for proper consideration of stakeholder views.

“And that is just one of a raft of reforms to pipeline operations that is being rushed through development, and now it seems that CoAG Energy Ministers are looking for further ways to tie the hands of gas transmission companies.”

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Last updated on 14 Jul 2017 by kpolglaze