Victoria’s gas policy seriously flawed

victorias-gas-policy-seriously-flawedThe Victorian Government’s push today for a temporary cap on gas exports and announcement that it wants to explore the possibility of building an LNG import facility demonstrate there is something seriously wrong with energy policy in that State, APGA Chief Executive Peter Greenwood said today.

The Federal Government is already in the process of implementing a mechanism to restrict exports in favour of the domestic market should gas supply on the East Coast require that temporary measure, Mr Greenwood said.

“That mechanism is due to be implemented in only a few weeks, on 1 July,” he said.

“The idea that Victoria, which has banned all onshore exploration for gas, including gas that can be conventionally extracted, is calling for gas from other States, including gas extracted using unconventional methods, to be reserved is baffling.

“And there would be no need to explore options to develop an LNG import facility if Victoria released its onshore reserves for development.”

Read more in the Victoria’s gas policy seriously flawed media release.

Last updated on 7 Jun 2017 by kpolglaze