Gas supply commitment promising

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APGA welcomes the commitment by Australia’s major gas producers to make more gas available to the domestic market.

APGA Chief Executive Cheryl Cartwright said the gas transmission pipeline industry is ready with sufficient capacity and enthusiasm to help ensure the gas is provided when and where it’s required.

“There is sufficient pipeline capacity to meet this demand,” Ms Cartwright said.

“However, we await with interest to learn of the arrangements to supply additional gas for peak demand periods. Gas producers’ facilities tend to be at great distances from gas-fired power stations.

“APGA is also concerned that the Government has announced that gas market reforms, which the pipeline industry supports, are to be further accelerated.

“The timeframe for implementation is already extremely tight and we have seen the impact of this in the drafting of legislation.

“These reforms include legislating binding commercial arbitration for access seekers unsatisfied with negotiations; mandating day-ahead capacity auctions for contracted but unused capacity; contract standardisation; new levels of pricing transparency; and advanced capacity trading platforms.

“It is a positive outcome of today’s meeting that the producers guarantee Australia will have sufficient gas, but puzzling that the crisis has had to reach this point for this solution to be found.”

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Image: ©Roslyn Budd –

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