Industry and government must grasp energy opportunity

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Major players in the gas industry should seize the opportunity of a meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and federal ministers tomorrow to offer concrete policy suggestions to the government.

APGA Chief Executive Cheryl Cartwright said the government must also grasp the current opportunity to grapple with the complex issues in the energy sector and develop a comprehensive policy that delivers energy security and outlines the pathway to lower carbon emissions.

“For too long we have looked narrowly at the different parts of the sector and suggested there was either a gas problem or an electricity problem and tried to solve those problems, Ms Cartwright said.

“We must change the way we consider our energy future.

“Natural gas delivers as much energy to Australia’s households and industry as does electricity, and gas is used to generate a part of that electricity as well. We must look at the current situation as an energy problem and develop comprehensive solutions.

“Paving the way to energy security while achieving our low emissions targets is not going to be easy, but the federal government has an unprecedented opportunity now to get that process under way.”

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Image: ©Roslyn Budd –

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