Gas – Australia is in a bind

Cheryl Cartwright Bio pic 2016 smallAPGA welcomes Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s initiative to bring the major gas companies to Canberra to deal with the issue of the imbalance in Australia’s gas supply and demand.

Australia has sufficient reserves of natural gas to supply both the domestic and export markets, APGA Chief Executive Cheryl Cartwright said.

“The shouting match between interest groups will not solve the dilemma of the current domestic supply-demand imbalance,” Ms Cartwright said.

“We must stop the blame shifting. It’s time for action.

“This is an excellent opportunity for the industry to come to the government with solutions.

“As the transmission pipeline industry has found, the best policy outcomes are achieved when
industry works closely with policy-makers and focuses on achieving the best outcome, even when
that requires concessions from industry.

“The aim of next week’s meeting should be a credible policy outcome to address the looming gas
shortage and help to provide long-term gas contracts for domestic customers, and for commercial
and industrial users. Australian manufacturers must accept the new gas market paradigm – higher

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