PM’s commitment to technology-neutral energy policy welcomed

technology-neutral-climate-and-energy-policy-neededThe Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) today welcomed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s commitment to develop an energy policy based on energy security and cost rather than the type of technology used to deliver it.

APGA Chief Executive Cheryl Cartwright also welcomed Mr Turnbull’s promise to work with the States on sustainable onshore gas development.

“I am very pleased to see that Mr Turnbull and his government acknowledge that increasing the supply of gas is essential to our nation’s future,” Ms Cartwright said.

“We agree with the Prime Minister that State bans on gas exploration and production will inevitably lead to more expensive energy for users and reduce security of supply for everyone.

“We look forward to working with the government in the development of a comprehensive and technology-neutral national energy policy.”

Read more in the PM’s commitment to technology-neutral energy policy welcomed  media release.

Last updated on 1 Feb 2017 by kpolglaze